Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Memetic Evolution

No one can deny that it's early days in the whole 'Pea' in joke phenomenon but anthropological, and dare I say it social and political analysis is seemingly rife within the depraved smokey bowels of Bethnal Greens foremost beat poets and philosophers. 

Renound nuclear & social physicist, balsamic thinker, and raconteur Charlwa Handersworn or Chabber to his peers breaks early ground in this brief discourse with one of Pea Blogs finest....


by the way I was thinking the other day about you (sic) pea blog


its hard not too


and I was thinking how the phenomena you describe are perfect examples of the accelerating nature of what is known as 'memetic evolution' or 'meme proliferation'

are you familiar with these terms?


of course

i'm not mental




Monday, 26 October 2009

Peas Peas Peas Peas Peas Peas

After the recent success of at 2009 In joke awards the prolific Dalston / Brick Lane in joke factory are back with there new project. Simply called PeaParty, the name is a likely homage to the hugely successful East London 'Cat Party' blog. Guests at the launch last night in Whitechapel said that it's already showing great early potential and is likely to go far just like some of the classics like Zuul, Who Cares and Sex Party before it.

A spokesman at Facebook said he was really excited about the project and has already seen a 17.5% rise in Pea related status updates which in turn forced a rise in shares from £4.50 - £5.30. The source who can't be named for legal reasons hinted that this could mean a 1.69 million increase in ad revenue this quarter alone. It's early days obviously but no one knows whether Pea Party will be taken to Twitter, although we're pretty sure some pretty sizable back handers will be offered to those wizards at Pea Party to ensure this In Joke goes cross platform. 

It's also unclear why this particular blog entry is written in the third person or as a kind of editorial piece or news report on the new In Joke when it actually appears as the first entry on the blog...I guess cos zuul wrote it and everyone knows he has little or no respect for semantics.

To be honest he's not even sure wether using 'semantics' there was even in the right context or why 'In Joke' was capitalised in that last paragraph but no where else in the article.  anyway - Who cares.